How do we take coding to the next level?

Evolution of automatic labeling equipment and Inkjet printers


The evolution of our equipment and products has been marked by the experience we have gained from the European, American and Asian markets, thanks to the internationalization of the company in the early 2000s. In the first stage we provided automatic labeling solutions and later, we completed the range with high resolution inkjet printers.





As a technology company, our R&D department is focused on designing and integrating the latest technologies into our coding and marking solutions to bring value to our customers. We also seek to adapt equipment to market needs, such as integration, scalability and high production line speeds.

What is Inkjet technology about?


Inkjet technology consists of direct printing on porous and non-porous surfaces thanks to piezoelectric and thermal injection heads. The printer - consumable binomial gives us a higher printing quality, thanks to the development of our oil-based and UV-based inks and UVLED curing systems.


Non-porous or satin surfaces do not allow the ink to penetrate them, which is why we need a UVLED curing system. That is, we inject a drop, the box passes in front of the curing system, and that drop changes from a liquid to a solid state when it polymerizes, that is, when it dries and remains fixed in that position.


At UBS we have 3 direct inkjet printing equipment on boxes, APLINK MRXAPLINK LCX and the new APLINK HRX printer. These printers are 100% designed and manufactured by us, including the components made by additive manufacturing.









All about the new APLINK HRX inkjet printer


APLINK HRX are the High Resolution Grayscale Inkjet printers, designed to improve coding performance on porous and non-porous surfaces.


With the new design of the equipment, we wanted to make a radical change and set a breakpoint between HRX and the old models of printers. APLINK HRX follows the aesthetic concept with the other printers, but has changed with a more technological and eye-catching design.



During the design process, 3D printed parts have been incorporated, which has allowed us to use new materials, designs with more complex shapes, weight reductions and flexibility in production.


The new APLINK HRX printer incorporates the new HR electronic platform, of which we control the design and manufacturing process, providing us with the best quality standards and the best performance.





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The most important features of the new inkjet printer, APLINK HRX

      • Flexible Integration System: This system, entirely designed by our engineers, allows changing the printing position, either from side to top or inclined, in a short time and without great complications, which is a great innovation compared to other printers.Nuevo HMI: Diferentes tamaños de pantalla, diseñados 100% con fabricación aditiva.

    • New HMI: Different screen sizes, designed 100% with additive manufacturing.

      o   The HMI7 incorporates a 7" screen that allows to control 1 print head within a radius of 1m, this can be mounted and dismounted thanks to the built-in fixing system.

      o   The HMI10 incorporates a 10.1" screen and can control up to 4 print heads without distance limit, and can be installed close to the printer or on a BESA support.

    • Ethernet communication: This is a very robust form of data communication for industrial environments. Thanks to this communication, the length limitations of the USB cable are no longer an issue.

    • New generation of printheads: They allow working with print resolutions of up to 360dpi vertically and 1440dpi horizontally, at high speeds and with great print quality.

    • CPE (Contrast Per Element): Grayscale technology that makes it possible to change the intensity of black without having to change the resolution. Thanks to this grayscale, UBS has designed a system that allows highlighting certain elements of the message by changing the black intensity. Through our message creation software, UBS Designer, this system allows barcodes to stand out from the rest of the elements printed on the format, achieving a high reading quality.

    • Scalability: Connects various accessories such as beacons, encoders, photocells, UVLED curing systems and all kinds of elements that can be understood as communication peripherals.

In the following video, the UBS technical team explains it in more detail:



  APLINK HRX takes coding to the next level.


In addition, our sales manager Marta Palau was interviewed at Empack Madrid 2022, and explained that: "The new features of the APLINK HRX printer take coding to the next level".

In this interview she also talked about the 2 technologies we manufacture:

We invite you to watch the interview below to learn more about the identification technologies we manufacture at UBS.


Innovation in our equipment and products is extremely important to us in order to provide differential value and superior quality to our customers.




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