Equipments Management


Data management for inkjet printers and print and apply systems networks administration.




A web application designed for the management and control of the UBS labeling, coding and marking systems.


With UBS LABMAN we offer the most suitable tool for managing and controlling the labeling, coding and marking system on the production lines, thanks to its friendly user interface, simple and modern and powerful communication management for treating data.


UBS LABMAN has been developed on web environment in order to ease the access from any platform or IT device, allowing local or remote access for the management and queries of each line of the production process at real time, including historical data and statistics.


The messages created by the UBS DESIGNER are managed and sent by UBS LABMAN to the different equipments of the production line. At the same time, UBS LABMAN communicates the DDBB or the ERP/MES to interact bidirectionally, sending and receiving data from the production line.


Through UBS LABMAN, we can identify the different products of the different lines, and manage the printing queues, as well as integrate and centralize these data on the ERP/MES of the customer, in order to create and generate all the labels of each logistic unit and with all the information that must have for its correct storage, transport and traceability, following the recommendations and regulations of the GS1 International.

What does UBS LABMAN offer?

  • Labeling process automation and centralization.
  • Monitoring of all UBS equipment on the line, showing the status of each one.
  • Obtain information on data to be printed in real time.
  • Instant communication with equipment on the production line.
  • Flexibility in relating format variables with data source fields.
  • Saves a record of all actions taken allowing consultation at any time.
  • Cost saving.
  • Connection to external peripherals (barcode scanners, weighing scales, etc.).
  • Support for mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, etc.


Equipment management and control software features

  • A web interface accessible from any computer on the local area network. It is capable of connecting to the customer’s data source (ERP, Web Service, OPC, etc.). Once the necessary data has been obtained, it is transferred to the UBS equipment that is registered in the app.

  • Modular, scalable and adaptable to any type of production line.
  • Real time data management. Printed information can be registered immediately in the client’s ERP/WMS.
  • Multi-user: different users can be assigned access to specific printers to help control processes.
  • Preview the label before sending.
  • Monitors the labeling process and the status of the equipment.
  • ERP / WMS integration.
  • Connection with multiple data sources.
  • Increases production efficiency and line effectiveness.


How does UBS LABMAN adapt to 4.0 industry?


1. 100% reduction of number interventions and human error.

2. Unique task selection.

3. Boosts efficiency of labeling process.

4. Coding precision.

5. Reduce the effort of adding new formats.

6. Communication with smart devices across your network (integration).

7. Constant production line monitoring




UBS LABMAN and the end of line











  • Adaptable to all types of pallet:

· Variable height pallets

· Double and triple height pallets (stackable)

· Semipallet

· Unfinished pallets

  • Generation of pallet license plates (SSCC) 18 digits.
  • Reprint: Ability to reprint the pallet label.
  • Automatic: The production line communicates with UBS LABMAN to indicate the product to be printed. There is no human intervention.
  • Semi-Automatic: The operator indicates which product will be printed on each line. The production line communicates with UBS LABMAN to indicate when the pallet is in labeling position.
  • Manual: The operator chooses the product and sends the label to the selected printer.


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