Automate pallet labeling on my production line?

The pallet labeling process is mandatory to ensure proper traceability and distribution logistics. In many occasions the labeling is done manually, this implies assuming delays and errors derived from manual operations, therefore, the identification at the end of the line becomes inefficient.


Automating the labeling process is the key! Converting a manual process into an automatic one may seem a complex and time-consuming change, however, implementing an automatic labeling system is simple and fast thanks to United Barcode Systems' APL equipment.


UBS APL Series machines are ideal for production lines that require labeling up to 180 pallets per hour. In addition, the versatility of the APLs allows the labeling of any 1, 2 and 3-sided palletized unit load regardless of pallet type: Euro pallets, universal pallets, half pallets, stacked pallets and pallets with variable heights.





Advantages of automating an industrial process: Pallet identification with labels

The main advantage of the UBS APL Series equipment is that it can be easily adapted to the end of any production line. This allows any company, regardless of size, to reduce labeling errors by up to 99% and increase productivity.




Discover how to automate the pallet labeling process with UBS equipment that can be adapted to any need.






Comparison of manual vs. automatic labeling systems

Without UBS equipment

With UBS equipment




Errors related to manual operations.

No labeling errors due to dual verification.

Longer process: label printing, application and finally, verification.

Faster processing: label printing and finally, simultaneous application and verification.

Limitation of labeling time to the operator's working hours.

The equipment can work independently 365 days of the year.

Different resources are required: label printer, operator and label verifier/reader.

Only United Barcode Systems equipment is required.

Adaptation to limited needs.

Adaptable to any need.



Initially, the only disadvantage of the automatic labeling system is the initial investment cost, which is quickly recovered thanks to the increased throughput of the production processThe result? Fewer stops on the production line and therefore higher productivity.




"With APL Series automatic labeling machines you will expand your industrial production margins."




What does APL automatic pallet labeling equipment allow?



Connectivity and automation of the end of line, thanks to UBS LabMan that allows the management and connection of data with any ERP, MES, WMS or DBMS system.



Different palletizing heights: Double stacked pallets, pallets at different heights (variable or fixed), sets of half pallets (Front - Side / Side - Rear), etc.



Automatic print and apply labels without operator intervention.


Label one, two or three sides of the pallet.





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Discover our pallet labeling machines - APL SERIES

APL Series equipment is designed for the printing and application of adhesive, double and triple-sided labels for real-time pallet labeling.

  • Configurable to 1 or 2 labels per pallet.

  • Adaptable to any end of line.

  • Speeds up to 180 pallets/hour with double label application.


  • Configurable to 1, 2 or 3 labels per pallet.

  • Telescopic support adjustable in height by spindle.

  • Speed up to 180 pallets/hour on both sides of the pallet.



  • Labeling up to 3 sides and pallets with variable heights.

  • Height from 800mm up to 2.400mm.
  • Speed up to 138 pallets per hour with application on two sides of each pallet.




Do you need to label one side of the pallet? APL38s

Two-sided and three-sided pallet labeling? APL 8000 Series

Labeling pallets with variable heights? APL 8000 ELV Series




In short, the end-of-line requires correct identification and compliance with GS1 global coding and traceability standards, for printing and applying labels on pallets with GS1-128 barcodes and the application identifier (AI) standards recommended by GS1 for pallet labeling. Thanks to this, it is possible to know the production cycle of the product and its location up to the moment of delivery.


Is pallet labeling important for your production lines? With APL Series equipmentmaximum safety, accuracy, and optimal results are guaranteed. Contact the experts at UBS to find out which equipment best suits your needs to automate your company's end-of-line.

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