What UBS equipment do I need?

We offer labeling, coding and marking solutions


If you have come this far, we understand that you have a need for labeling, coding, or marking your products, boxes or pallets. You may need to identify them with the traditional barcode, QR code, batch number... You may need to specify the content or even decorate your boxes with logos or images.


In this short article we will briefly explain which of our equipment can best fit your business.


Pallet labeling (tertiary packaging)

There are several requirements when labeling pallets, from the physical location of the label to the content of the label. Specially designed to meet all specifications, we have:




  • APL8000 – Capable of labeling on 1, 2 or 3 sides of the pallet. Our flagship in this field.

  • APL8000 ELV – Designed for labeling pallets of variable heights. Labels from a height of 800mm up to 2,400mm.

  • APL38s – A more compact and manageable machine capable of printing on 1 or 2 sides of the pallet.


Case labeling (secondary packaging)

As with pallet labels, there are also regulations for case labeling, and in addition to this, each production line has its own peculiarities and limitations. As an answer we have:





  • APL35s – A very versatile machine capable of adapting to the problems of any line and of coping with the most demanding cadences thanks to the multitude of labeling methods it offers.

  • APL35si – Same concept, especially for integrators.




Direct printing on carton (secondary packaging)

Undoubtedly, case labeling is a very valid option, but it is not always the best one. A more practical option might be direct printing. Printing the contents of a label on the surface of the box will save you the headache of always storing the different packages for each product, as you can personalize these directly on the line. In addition, you will save on cost per message and on maintenance.


The APLINK printers’ family is very versatile and easily integrable into any production line. They can print any type of text or code, symbols, logos or images on any surface, whether porous (such as corrugated cardboard) or non-porous (such as stain cardboard). From this family of printers, we have:


  • APLINK MRX72 – A robust and reliable printer that prints messages up to 72mm high at a speed of 110m/min.

  • APLINK MRX140 – Equally robust, capable of printing messages up to 140mm high.

  • APLINK MRX BiColor – The perfect adaptation of the MRX for printing pictograms and other logos that require color.

  • APLINK LCX17 – The most economical option for printing messages up to 17mm high.

  • APLINK LCX72 – The most economical option for printing messages up to 72mm high.



Solutions can be much more complete and adaptable. For example, our UVLED curing lamp can be equipped to make printing on any surface possible. Therefore, we recommend contacting our sales team to tailor the offer to your needs.

Direct printing on product (primary packaging)

Perhaps your need is simpler and what you want is a printer, even more compact, that allows you to print lot numbers or expiration dates on your products or on FlowPack packaging machine films. In this regard, the solution we provide is:






  • TJX – A compact, robust printer, which works with conventional printer cartridges, and very handy. So much so, that you can manage it from your Tablet via Bluetooth.



Our high-resolution TJX printer (TIJ technology), unlike CIJ technology, does allow you to print barcodes, QR, datamatrix, etc. perfectly readable.



Contact with United Barcode Systems

We invite you to learn more about our equipment and to contact our experts to solve any questions you may have about the applicators or printers, or about the project you have in mind.


We also invite you to learn more about our labeling, coding and marking process management software, UBS LabManand our label designer UBS Designer.


In case you have not identified yourself with any of our products, but have labeling, coding and marking needs, let us insist that you can contact our team. We have the right solution for you






Do you have doubts about which solution is right for you? 

Contact our experts





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