The Advantages of printing using the UVLED Curing System

The use of the UVLED curing system has been a great improvement in inkjet printing systems. The advantages of low viscosity ink (which does not penetrate the upper layer of the material) compared to traditional systems, includes among others, instant curing under ultraviolet light, the possibility of printing on any surface, low consumption (and the consequent savings in both energy and environmental costs) and the absence of emissions of Volatile Organic Components (VOC).




At UBS we are experts in the development of coding and marking solutions for primary and secondary packaging based on UVLED technology. Our UVLED Curing System is specially designed for instant curing on all types of substrates, offering the best quality with the highest efficiency for industrial sectors as diverse as agri-food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, construction, beverages and food or automotive.

How does UV curing for coding work?

UV ink is a monomer that remains liquid until ultraviolet light causes its component molecules to join. By curing, then, the ink solidifies, forming a polymer. Fixing on the substrate is instantaneous, without the need for coatings or thermal drying.


After curing, UV ink is insoluble, allowing additional coats to be applied resulting in voluminous or textured prints.  


Cartridges Ink UVLED HP 2.5  


UV Based Ink Bottles

















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From metal halide to UVLED technology

The first ultraviolet curing systems used metal halide lamps. The advantages of this type of treatment were penalized by the high energy consumption and the low versatility of the lamps, which were also very expensive.



With the new century, light emitting diodes (LEDs) demonstrated a much higher efficiency, since their useful life is much longer, they consume less energy, they heat up less (and therefore they can print on materials with low thermal resistance), they allow ignition and almost instantaneous shutdown without penalizing productivity, and they do not produce polluting emissions.


Advantages of using UVLED Curing System

  • Instant print adherence on all types of substrates: UVLED base ink provides the highest quality results on porous and non-porous surfaces, such as glass, plastic materials, painted materials, paper, cardboard, wood, metal, etc.

  • Productivity: the elimination of waiting times thanks to instant curing and the absence of additional fixing operations after marking means the optimization of the printing process, in such a way that UVLED equipment allows to improve productivity.

  • Savings: UVLEDs have such a long lifespan that they require virtually no maintenance. In addition, its energy consumption is very low.

  • Versatility and customization: printing equipment with UVLED curing system is easily adaptable to any production line. In a highly competitive environment, providing an effective response to specific customer needs has become an essential requirement.

  • Sustainability: UVLED curing does not generate ozone or Volatile Organic Components (VOC), and does not produce odors. In this way, it is respectful with the environment and safe for the health of the plant operators.

UBS UVLED lamp - The UVLED Curing System

UBS works continuously to improve its UVLED Curing Systems, adapting them to market demands and the specific needs of its customers.


  • Our equipment have the exclusive integrated security system UVLED On Board Security System (OBSS), which prevents the dazzling of plant operators.

  • We have developed Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) technology that adapts curing power at variable speeds. This way, we avoid damaging the product.

  • The UVLED Lamp can work in two different modes: synchronized with the print head (TTL) or autonomous (the activation time is configurable).

  • We use air cooling system.

  • We optimize energy consumption.


UBS printers equipped with the UVLED curing system are the TJX UVLED Series, for primary products, and the APLINK MRX UVLED and APLINK LCX UVLED Series, for secondary packaging.



               APLINK LCX UVLED


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