UBS proposals for coding pharmaceuticals products

The marking, coding and labeling of pharmaceutical products has become a critical activity. The sector is one of the few that has increased its activity, especially as a result of the provision of prevention and hygiene items, such as gloves, masks and disinfectant gels, both for individuals and for hospitals.


As an example, according to data from the Spanish Federation of Pharmaceutical Distributors (Fedifar), the increase in demand for masks has reached 10,000%. This means that companies have had to adapt their production and look for suitable solutions for the marking of very specific items. UBS coding systems are designed to adapt to changing scenarios, without delaying the production process, contributing this way to the streamlining of the supply chain.




It should be taken into account that a process apparently as simple as the coding of a mask, includes the printing of the code on the product itself and on the protective film, the marking of the box, and the labeling of the pallet.


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How should the marking of pharmaceutical packaging be?

In the pharmaceutical sector, it is essential to identify health products and drugs from their origin to the final consumer, in accordance with international regulations of each country, to guarantee public health and avoid falsifications. This is especially important in times of high demand for specific products, when suppliers may be tempted to "relax" quality controls.


Coding of vials and ampoules


All those involved in the supply chain exchange information to ensure the traceability of each item, which must be marked with a unique code. Our
Thermal Inkjet TJX UVLED Series printers are ideal for correct permanent coding on glassy type substrates, which are commonly used in vials and ampoules.


2D Datamatrix code printing


The UBS TJX Series are also the best choice for printing high-quality 2D Datamatrix codes on primary point-of-sale packaging. These codes contain information about the manufacturer, the serial number, the lot number and the expiration date, and each pharmaceutical product must be marked with its own unique one.


Marking on stick pack envelopes

For stick packs, flexible single-dose containers, laminated with polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) or aluminum, marking with UV LED ink is the most suitable solution. They are ideal containers for liquids and powdered or granulated products, which require protection against humidity, oxygen and light. UBS TJX UV LEDs print in high resolution with UV based low migration ink and instant message curing, with no waiting or maintenance times. That is why they are also the most suitable printers for encoding masks.



Printing on secondary packaging as bundles or groups



Bundles are a common type of secondary packaging in the pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, they must also include the unique identification code. UBS APL35 Series print and apply equipment respond to coding requirements, with a cadence of up to 180 packages per minute.


How are cardboard boxes coded?


The corrugated cardboard box is the most widely used packaging in the world, in all productive sectors. On porous carton, direct printing using the APLINK Series represents a major advance over traditional flexographic printing. For labeling solutions, the UBS APL Series are the best choice



If the substrate of the box is not porous
, then the APLINK UVLED Series printers exceed the performance of traditional systems: they print directly on the surface, with an instantaneous curing of the low migration UV base ink, they provide flexibility in the changes of format of line, reduce the operational complexity of labeling and therefore save costs.


Which is the best pallet identification solution?

The last step on the production line is palletizing the boxes for distribution. Correct labeling of the pallets will guarantee the traceability of the merchandise, so it is essential to have an efficient identification system that optimizes processes.


UBS solution for automatic pallet labeling


The solution developed by UBS is APL8000 Series. Print and apply labels in real time, in accordance with GS1-128 identification standards and GS1 International recommendations for pallet labeling. In addition, it is compatible with all OEM print engines on the market


Our equipment apply labels up on to three sides and meet high speed requirements. Thanks to the control via a PLC interface, and the use of opto-isolated alarm and synchronization signals, they can be easily integrated into different production and palletizing lines.


At UBS we research and develop solutions adapted to the needs of our clients. We invite you to contact us to study your specific case.



What UBS equipment do I need?

If you have come this far, we understand that you have a need for labeling, coding, or marking your products, boxes or pallets. You may need to identify them with the trad

An ink for every packaging printing solution

UBS inks guarantee the best resolution and quality in packaging printing. Our team of chemical engineers has created the perfect mixtures for our printers, capable of opti