Print & Apply for case and pallet labeling

The coding of cases and pallets requires adequate solutions to the most demanding cadences in the production chain. Print & Apply equipment must not only be able to respond to speed needs, but also provide sufficient flexibility regarding the physical location of the labels and the method of application.


In addition, industrial labelers must seek easy integration into any automation system, ensure compliance with global coding and traceability standards, and, ultimately, facilitate the process as much as possible so that the merchandise makes its way fluently through the entire production line.


Print & Apply systems combine a print engine and a dispensing and application system in the same machine. The adaptability of its physical configuration to the production line and its ability to integrate with the customer's ERP is what will make a difference in an increasingly competitive market context.


UBS equipment, both for labeling secondary and tertiary productsmeet the highest quality requirements and stand out for its ease of integration into any production line. We work with the best print engines on the market, usually Zebra, Sato and Honeywell, although we adapt to any other preference of our clients.


APL 35s: UBS solution for secondary product labeling




At UBS we have developed Print & Apply equipment to optimize the labeling of cases, bags and packs. Our machines print in real time all the necessary information on each label, and adapt to the required cadence, with all the application options: front, side, top, back, corner or adjacent. 




The modular design of the APL 35s automatic industrial labelers gives them the versatility to respond to any application need. They work with rolls of labels of up to 300 mm (expandable to 350 mm), with an easy positioning system.







They print and place them at a rate of up to 90 boxes per minute with pneumatic applicators, and up to 180 with electric applicators.


Our machines are easily integrated thanks to the UBS LabMan 4.0 middlewarecompatible with any ERP, MES, WMS or DBMS system. To ensure the correct traceability of the packages, they comply with the standards dictated by GS1 International, with printing of ANSI, A and B grade barcodes on GTIN codes.

UBS solutions for pallet printing

One of the critical points in the supply chain is the end of the production line, where, once palletized, the cargo units must be identified to ensure they reach their destination.


The UBS pallet labeling equipment offers all possibilities: one, two or three sides, whether it be Europallets, universal pallets, half pallets, stacked pallets or variable heights.


They are controlled by PLC, are compatible with all OEM print engines on the market and meet GS1 standards for printing and applying pallet labels with GS1-128 barcodes.


Thanks to UBS LabMan, we identify pallets from different lines, manage print queues and integrate and centralize the data with the customer's ERP to conform and generate the labels of each logistics unit, with all the information necessary for its correct storage, transport and traceability.





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APL 38s



APL 38s is our most manageable pallet labeling equipment. Compact and small, it integrates easily into production line endings in medium and high-volume industrial environments. You can place one or two labels per pallet, at speeds of up to 180 pallets/hour with double label application.



APL 8000 Series




The APL 8000 Series automatically prints and labels up to three sides of the pallet automatically and accuratelyThe flexibility of its modular design makes it possible to adapt it to high speed applications and harsh industrial environments.

It has a height-adjustable telescopic stand and a Smart Tamp Pad, with a label presence sensor and an applied label detector, compatible with irregular surfaces.

APL 8000 ELV Series



The APL 8000 ELV Series label printing and application system is the UBS solution for automatic labeling of removable or variable height pallets. Its lifting system allows to work at high speed (up to 138 lifted pallets/hour with application to two sides of each pallet) and precisely with variable data and in real timefrom a height of 800 mm to 2,400 mm.



It is a unique machine on the market, with an electronically controlled reduction motor and Smart Tamp Pad, for the intelligent placement of labels.


UBS consumables for Print & Apply systems

UBS Print & Apply equipment have a wide variety of consumables specifically designed to get the most out of our machines.



UBS labels

Our complete range of labels covers any type of application and business need. We work with a wide variety of materials, from the cheapest for frequent use, to those prepared to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions.

  • Standard: diverse materials and measures, adhesive and customizable.
  • Preprinted: personalized with all kinds of materials, finishes, colors, and weights.
  • Security: special labels to prevent theft and falsification.
  • Tickets: variety of grammages and finishes for subsequent reprint with thermal or direct transfer.
  • RFID: smart tags for specific market segments.
  • Special: designed to withstand extreme conditions, such as rough, slightly oily surfaces or materials that are difficult to label and code.



UBS ribbon

We design and manufacture thermal transfer ribbons with a wide range of qualities and finishes for all types of applications and requirements.

  • Wax ribbon: excellent quality, protects the head and allows printing at high speeds.
  • Mixed ribbon: maximum print quality and durability, saves energy for the printheads, is ideal for 90º barcodes.
  • Resin ribbon: maximum durability, excellent solvent resistance, optimum tolerance to harsh environments, high temperatures and oily surfaces.
  • Color ribbon: wide range of colors in wax, mixed and resin quality.
  • Textile ribbon: it resists any type of washing and ironing processes.
  • UV ribbon: special thermal security tape that reacts under ultraviolet light.

Variety of applications

UBS printing and labeling systems are prepared for different types of applications, depending on the customer's requirements. The applicator arms or tamp pads can be equipped with a rollera sponge or a corner applicator,while the placement of the labels is carried out by direct application or tamp, blow, or the combination of both technologies (tamp blow).


The study of each case is what will determine the most appropriate solution. We invite you to contact us to explain your specific need.






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