Coding Success: The importance of quality technical service

In the labeling, coding and marking industry, errors and failures in product identification are one of the worst case scenarios that can be faced by the machinery manufacturers responsible for carrying out this process. Fortunately, United Barcode Systems has almost 30 years of experience in this field and its technical service is one of the most experienced globally in solving any type of breakdown or failure in production lines.


Having a good technical service means being able to take care of our customers once they have purchased one of our solutions, which allows us to get to know our equipment better, learn about the needs of each sector and be constantly more competitive


Acquiring a coding solution without a good technical service behind it is not advisable, because a failure in the labeling process can lead to negative consequences such as:


      • Increased production lead times.

      • Withdrawal of products from the shelves.

      • Impacts on a company's reputation and value.

      • Waste of material and assets.


All this becomes even more relevant in industries such as food or chemicals, where product labeling takes on a vital magnitude to ensure the health and safety of the final consumer.


Food production line. 


In this article we will discuss the most common mistakes that appear when carrying out a labeling, coding and marking project and how to prevent them from occurring in your production line.




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Most common mistakes in coding projects and how to avoid them

The following errors and mistakes are based on real situations that our technical service has solved over time:


Failing to meet installation requirements

Once you have purchased a coding solution, the staff in charge of your project must send you, among other documents, a paper with the requirements that your production line must have prior to installation.



Checking the installation requirements on the production line is a vital process for a fast and effective start-up of the coding equipment.  


Among the most common requirements are; need for a power supply close to the machinery, proper configuration of the IPs, the correct functioning of the air pressure outlets and the modifications to the production line of any elements that make it impossible for the equipment to work, such as a fence, a stopper or a ladder.


How to avoid a problem with the installation requirements?


Always ask about them before carrying out a project. In case you need time to adapt your line for the correct installation of the equipment, inform the project manager in advance.


Even so, at United Barcode Systems we always look for ways to adapt to your production line, since our equipment is specially designed to be adaptable and modifiable to the demands of our customers. 


Unexpected configuration changes

UBS labeling, coding and marking solutions are equipment prepared to meet the needs of the most demanding projects and, therefore, have multiple functionalities for the different types of lines and speeds that exist in the different sectors with which the company works.


A deconfiguration of these functionalities can lead to the appearance of minor failures, such as a change in printing times or waste of consumables.


How to solve a misconfiguration fault in the equipment?


Check the user manual before making any changes to the machine configuration. If you are unable to identify the error, contact our technical service. They will be able to advise you and assist you with any problems with the equipment.


Error in the integration of the software with the labeling and coding equipment

Often, the connection between what is designed in the software and what is actually printed is not quite accurate. UBS solutions are updated simultaneously with the programs used to print the messages and are therefore less susceptible than other equipment to failures of this nature.


The most common cases surrounding this problem are misconfigurations with the head alignment and errors with the boldface, which is the technical term used to name the final designs of the software.


How to solve a software error?


In these cases, the technical service is the only one able to investigate the problem further and establish a solution with the software developer, as they have a direct line of communication to solve these malfunctions.


Coding equipment problems

All United Barcode Systems equipment goes through strict testing protocols before it is finally sent to a production line. Even so, it is possible that some of the parts that make up the machines may be damaged by outside agents once they leave the company's premises.



United Barcode Systems operators handling an APL8000 


If the application is not correct or any functionality of your printing equipment is affected, having a quality and experienced technical service, contracted along with your printing or labeling equipment, is key to solve in an agile way and minimize the costs of your production line.


How to troubleshoot an equipment problem?


United Barcode Systems has the advantage of developing and manufacturing 100% of its equipment and solutions. For this reason, when a problem arises with the equipment, we have all the components to solve any incident quickly and accurately. 

Key points to avoid errors on your production line

In summary, these are the key points we recommend you keep in mind for future projects:

      • Purchase a labeling, coding and marking solution that has a quality technical service behind it.

      • Ask the person in charge of your project everything you need to carry out the correct installation of the machinery

      • Keep the product manual at hand to consult any modification in the machine configuration and, in case it is very complex, consult the technical service.




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