Barcelona Packaging Hub - What advantages does UBS get as a partner?

What is BPH?

BPH or Barcelona Packaging Hub is an association of leading companies in the province of Barcelona formed by packaging machinery manufacturers present in Barcelona, which promote the creation of integrated packaging projects.

BPH is made up of 7 founding members including United Barcode Systems. Its mission is to promote the best solutions for each packaging sector, as well as to disseminate experiences and knowledge about success stories in the sector.

The aim of the organisation is to develop and create an ecosystem of international benchmark companies together with the Barcelona brand, through effort, commitment and responsibility.



Barcelona Packaging Hub corporate logo 

One of the most important points that make BPH stand out from any other HUB is the synergies between the different members, which are used to work on joint projects, each contributing their own specialised solutions.

What benefits does UBS gain from joining the Barcelona Packaging Hub?

Our membership of the Barcelona Packaging Hub represents a significant step forward for our business. This partnership integrates us into a corporation made up of leading companies and major partners in the packaging industry. The main advantages that we at UBS have developed by partnering with BPH have been:

      • Integration: Working together with other members gives us the opportunity to participate in innovative and high quality packaging projects, thus contributing to the development of our brand and the industry.

      • Direct access to cutting-edge technology and industry know-how: Through international trade fairs and technical events, we are able to present our solutions to customers from all over the world. This also allows us to keep up to date with the latest trends and technological advances, driving innovation in our solutions.

      • Increased commitment to sustainable industry progress: We collaborate with industry experts to positively influence the development of quality and sustainability standards in packaging machinery manufacturing. United Barcode Systems is proud to help shape the future of the industry by promoting responsible and efficient practices.

      • Access to specialist suppliers: Through our partnership with the BPH we have met other companies in the industry who have become strategic allies for our business and our packaging projects through the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

      • Boosting together with the "Barcelona" brand: This city is nowadays one of the best in the world to face the technological challenges of the future with guarantees. Working within a HUB with the Barcelona brand gives us recognition when it comes to working with clients on an international level.

What solutions do they offer?

Barcelona Packaging HUB offers all kinds of solutions for large companies and SMEs, capable of covering any stage of the production process, thus creating a global packaging line solution that encompasses the 4 main areas: packaging, packing, coding and palletising.


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