UBS supports the Grendacc institution with food and games for children.

This year 2022 the institution chosen by our UBS Brazil team to donate was Grendacc.




After evaluating several institutions for the donation, a vote was held among employees, and by consensus, Grendacc won, as they were moved by the cause and were interested in learning more about the institution that helps children in need of oncology treatments.


Grendacc is an institution founded in 1995 by his current vice president, Verci Andreo Butalo. The idea comes from a mother of a child with leukemia, who had to go to live in a faraway city with her son to be treated. From this event, she and other families with children in need of treatment joined forces to create an institution in the city of Jundiaí in São Paulo, thus ensuring that the disease could be treated without leaving the city.


The constant trips in search of radiotherapy and chemotherapy become traumatic and can further aggravate the situation caused by the side effects of the treatment. Thus was born the Group in Defense of Children with Cancer - GRENDACC, which guarantees a dignified treatment, free of charge, and offers a quality of life not only to children and adolescents with cancer but also to those with chronic hematological diseases.


The service is aimed at children and adolescents from 0 to 19 years of age residing in Cabreúva, Campo Limpo Paulista, Itupeva, Jarinu, Jundiaí, Valinhos Vinhedo Itatiba, Louveira and Várzea Paulista.


equipo-grendacc-ubs-donación equipo-grendacc-descarga-camión-ubs


On December 12, the UBS team went in person to donate food and games for the children and also took advantage of the visit to learn more about the history of this great institution.

We hope that with this contribution we could help Grendacc to continue transforming the lives of sick children!





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This annual event has become more than just a marathon, it is an opportunity to promote healthy habits and encourage networking among our employees around the world.

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